Cottage dreams

Sometimes we daydream about selling everything and moving to a little cottage in the countryside, keeping chickens and walking around in our Wellies the whole day. To that end, here are some architecturally beautiful cottages in case you are also daydreaming of an escape to the country! Now wasn’t that just like taking a small […]

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Crafty wall art

If you have a few blank walls staring at you, try a few of these crafty wall art ideas. Personalize with a few of your own touches and voila, no more blank spaces. We hope you’re feeling inspired – get crafting!

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Kitchen Love

The kitchen is the heart of our home, and we love gathering here to cook, chat and have a drink. It is the place where we start the day and often the place we end the day in as well. Here are some inspirational kitchen designs we love. We’re feeing inspired to cook now!

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The humble potato

Somewhere between 8000 and 5000 BC, humans started cultivating potatoes in South America (round about Peru and Bolivia). Whoever started growing it, we are supremely grateful. Hot or cold, potatoes are magic! Here are some excellent potato recipes you can try. Happy cooking!

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